Ayline Restorations Group was established in the mid 1980’s and has evolved and built a national presence since this time to become a leader in the Restorations industry.

This has been achieved through a serious commitment to training and the development of a national network of accredited technicians and specialists that can take on the most arduous tasks that other companies would walk away from.

A family business run by John and Robyn Hickey initially started as a carpet cleaning business.

John Hickey saw the need to develop the business to provide a more specialised service to meet the growing need for restorative services,

With this in mind John undertook extensive training in the US who at the time were world leaders in the restoration industry.

With this training under his belt John also saw the need to import the specialised equipment required to carry out restoration of fire/ flood damage including contents, pack outs , storage, data recovery, electronicsbuilding cleans, machinery restoration, thermal imaging, sonic cleaning, dry ice cleaning, mould remediation, asbestos removal, odour elimination through encapsulation, ozone treatment and thermal fogging.

Ayline continue to provide specialist cleaning of carpets, curtains, drapes and other unique cleaning situations that require the expertise gained though experience over many years

From this need Advanced Specialised Equipment was born and due to the increasing work load in restorations business Grant Hickey took on the development of this aspect of the business along with the training schools necessary to provide the field technicians with the information and support required to carry out the work to the highest standards.

Today Ayline Restorations Group is considered a leader in the restorations industry. Ayline continues to develop its processes and systems in line with best practise and as technological advances are made Ayline Restorations Group incorporate these advances into their business.

With Ayline you can be confident that when we take on the job that the work will be done to the highest standard in the shortest time and most economical, convenient process possible to get you back to pre-loss condition